Miss Maca 

tHE Story Behind IT

let's get pawsonal

I’m a rescued dog that lives in San José, Costa Rica. I got curious about my heritage, so I took a DNA test, turns out I’m a 100%... HA! Gotcha singing to Lizo’s song haha Ok back to my story, I did take a DNA test from Wisdom Panel and 18 breeds were detected, it seems I’m a mix of Lhasa Apso and a Mi-ki.  

Awesome, right! I’m a unique pup and I loved it, as much as I love having an amazing life and a mom who takes care of me and made one of my biggest dreams come true: a cat sister! Yes, my mom adopted a tiny little lady cat and we named her Maia. 

it's all about

The Story Behind

She is the cutest, more curious and mischievous kitty in the world and I love her. We spend our days playing together, running around our house, and taking naps that include cuddling. I’m teaching her how to be a pet influencer, so there is a lot of unboxing, outfit and camera tips on a daily basis, and of course treats and love. We are the perfect duo!

Yes, it’s Macarena like the Spanish song, like the joyful dancer it is described through those lyrics. I’m a very happy lady pup that sees the world full of joy, glitter, bright colors and good vibes.

Meet my momager Ana!

Now, I want you to meet my mom: Ana. She is a proud Dog-Momager, an amazing UI & UX Designer and a great Photographer. She is the one behind my content creation and social media management; yes this means she is the one you talk to when sending a DM through my IG haha the voiceover doesn’t recognize doggo...yet!.

She is a very creative woman, who loves photography, technology, dogs and cats! So you can see she is perfect for the manager role. You can find her on IG as @anabeatrizbravo 

How did we start this blog? Well, my mom had learned a lot from having me with her and we both feel passionate about animal well being, cool and nice things for dogs, cats, creative content and sharing. We believe in the saying: “sharing is caring” and in the magic of the doggo-cat & hooman bond. We hope you get inspired with our content and our adventures.