Maca's Adoption and Rescue Story

let me tell you about how i got rescued

This is me after 3 days of being in my new home; back then I wasn't even 3 months old, I was super tiny. How do I get with my mom Ana? Well, Ingrid found me alone in the streets and picked me up, and the next day she shared on Instagram that I was looking for a home. Melina, one of my human friends, saw the IG story and shared it, where my mom saw me.

My mom just moved to her new home. She knew she would adopt a dog at some point, but she knew it was a responsibility and preferred to wait until she was settled a little bit more on her new apartment.

Yes, I'm a rescue dog

How I found my forever home?

Although deep down she wanted to take me with her, she tried to find me a home with one of her friends to keep me close somehow haha one of them almost adopted me, but she had to wait some weeks because she was moving and Ingrid needed to find me a home ASAP.

Ana saw that as a sign and said "who am I trying to fool? I want that puppy with me". At that instant she called my friend Kari and later after work they went to pick me up at Ingrid's. I remember seeing them getting out of the car, my mom got close to me and I ran to her (she tells me that I looked like a little ball of fur jumping). That night And took me with her to her place, my new home.

The next day she had to go to work, and since I was so little to stay alone all day, my friends Mile and Juan took care of me that day and I met their cats <3 They were my first friends.

Then, Ana took me to the vet so he could check me and got my first shots. I was very brave! I met the rest of my family, I not only had a home and a mom that was going to take care of me and give me lots of love as well as my new friends; I also had an aunt, an uncle, grandpas, a dog sister and 3 dog brothers (the other 4 doggies that lived with my grandparents, that as same as me, they were rescued too).
Right away I had my first shots, I was able to get out and meet the world!!! I met my neighborhood, already had my new favorite places, where I still visit and say hi to my friends.

Something I can't forget is the moment that I met Churra, my first dog friend. With her I learned to play "luchitas" (wrestling games haha) and discovered my love for donuts.

I feel so lucky to have found a home and a family that gives me so much love and worries about me. Also, I count with human and dog friends that I love a lot, and my mom and I feel very blessed to have them in our life. 

And well, that's my story, I wish that all the dogs and cats from the streets have the same luck that I had. Remember that having an animal at your home is a big responsibility, and if you can adopt, you would not only be transforming the life of an animal, but also yours.