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November 15, 2021

Dog Holiday Gift Guide

Yes! Is THAT moment, the most wonderful time of the year! (kudos, if you read the last phrase singing after the song <3 )

Grab a hot chocolate, play some Christmas carols (or better, go and play our Christmas Playlist on Spotify) and take notes because here we are going to give you some ideas of what you can get for your dog for the Holidays.

The Perfect Christmas Outfit

Is your dog a fashionista? a rebel? has a more classic or cute style? was he/she a naughty dog this year? We have you covered! There is an outfit for everyone.

1. Christmas Bandanas from The Paws

We are BIG fans of The Paws, their designs are the cutest and their mission is the most honorable (a percentage of every sale goes to help dogs in need).

They have several pretty bandana designs for the holidays, we got the ones from last Christmas and already ordered the new ones. If you want some, don’t forget to use the promo code MACA for 15% off on your purchase.

And…if you are in Costa Rica, you can get bandanas from The Paws with Woofymiau, and also use the promo code MACA to get a 10% off on your purchase.

2. Matching Sets and Holiday Bandanas from Ripley and Rue

Unapologetically cool! is how we would describe Ripley & Rue‘s products, and if you LOVE to match with your dog as much as we do, you can’t miss this recommendation. Also, look at the bandanas with the collect and funniest quotes for Christmas.

Go on and use the promo code MACA10 for 10% off on your purchase.

3. Fashionable Christmas Sweaters from The Maxbone

If your dog wants to be runway ready for this Christmas, these sweaters from The Maxbone are a MUST!

(Sorry, we don’t have a promo code for this one, but we encourage you to look at their awesome and prettiest products).

Toys, toys, toys

Are themed toys what you are looking for? We got you cover!!

Our FAVORITE toy brands are Zippy Paws and Pet Play, not only do they have the cutest toys but also they are truly designed for our doggos, using the right quality materials and sizes for them.

If you live in Costa Rica, you can get their toys from Woofymiau, the exclusive distributors of these great brands in this country. Oh, and while you are in their online shop, go and check their monthly toy box Patitas Box. You can use the promo code MACA to get a 10% off on your purchase with Woofymiau and Patitas Box.

Ok, now take a look at our favorites for this season:

Make the meals fun

If you have followed us on Instagram for a while, you would notice that we are HUGE fans and believers in interactive meals. We started with some slow feeders, then puzzles, snuffle mats, lick mats, and other interactive toys that you feel with food/treats. Which ones? > Happy Bowls from Zippy Paws, Outward Hound Puzzles by Nina Ottoson, the snuffle mat from LineupDog, Lick mats from Soda Pup, and Licky Mat, treat dispensers from Soda Pup, and the classic Kong and Toppl.

We indeed have our favorites:

And the treats? What about the treats!?

Of course, we couldn’t forget the treats! We like those that are natural and contribute to the dog’s health.

Some of Maca’s favorites are the treats from Nutrience, Jiminys, Botanical Bones, and Ava‘s Pet Palace.

And from Costa Rica, the favorites are Mokas treats (use the promo code MACA for a 10% off on your purchase), Nutreats, Chewy Treats, and Narizotas. There are several entrepreneurs working on yummy dog treats in Costa Rica, I promise I will make a blog post only about this soon 😀

It’s all about the memories

In this digital era, where we have our phones full of photos of our dogs, (let’s accept it, we do), having printed photos is a thing we value a lot or even a personalized illustration of them <3

1. Fauna Photo Studio Christmas Promo

If you like having professional photos of your dog in a studio and something more to remember it, you have to check Fauna’s Christmas Packs if you live in Costa Rica.

2. The Ninja Lab Photos

More into photography? you have to check The Ninja Lab Photoshoots in the studio and outdoors if you live in Costa Rica.

3. A Personalized Illustration from Petsonality

If you are more into illustrations, Petsonality a personalized illustration of your dog is an option for you if you live in Costa Rica.

4. A Personalized Illustration and stickers from Ilustrando con Ayax

Ilustrando con Ayax is another cute option for a personalized illustration and also stickers! Check the one that she did for us of Maca and Maia.

Happy Holidays

Hope you liked our Christmas gift ideas for your dog. They definitely deserve a the best gift this year, well always haha Would you add something more to the list or want a recommendation of something specific? Let us know, we will be happy to help.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

– Miss Maca, Maia & Ana

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