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November 28, 2021

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for the Dog and Cat Lovers

Now it is time for the humans! Here you have a gift guide for all those dog and cat parents.

For the Dog Lovers

A little bit for every kind of dog parent:

  • We couldn’t make this guide without mentioning our favorite brand for Dog Lovers RipleyandRue Their Dog Mom AF Set is the prettiest, as well as the Dog Mom bracelets, Christmas matching Hoodies, water bottles; well lest be honest, ALL their stuff is the coolest! be sure to check all the available things and use the code MACA10 to get a 10% off on your purchase.
  • The book that all the dog moms and dad are reading: The Forever Dog. You can get it on Amazon in its printed version, for kindle or as an audio book.
  • One of our findings for this Christmas is the Pawlidays mug from from Brindle Market! Can’t wait to get mine to drink a hot cocoa with marshmallows.
  • Drinks are a thing suring the season and we couldn’t end this guide with a recommendation of a wine glass, this one is from Woofymiau. Use the code MACA10 to get a 10% off on your purchase.
  • You are more into beer? no worries, we have a glass for you too! This beer tall glass from Holypets (by Pearhead) comes with a beer toy for your pup, so you can “drink” together. Use the code MACA10 to get a 10% off on your purchase.
  • A cool hat for the ultimate dog mom and dog dad, for all those walks in sunny days.

For the Cat Lovers

I have to admit, it wasn’t that easy to find several options for the cat parents, we need more cat related stuff haha But well, here you have some nice findings for the cat lovers:

  • The first on the list is this gorgeous plate for rings and jewelery that I found Hibrida a local store of some dear friends here in Costa Rica.
  • Continueing with the jewlery topic, this cute gold neckclase with a cat from MignonandMignon at Etsy.
  • For the readers, I found this book at Amazon that I actually ordered and I’m eager to read and lear more about cats, called “Decoding your cat“.
  • Also from Amazon, I found this Cat Mom long sleeve tshirt, and we know we all pet parents need one.
  • Are you a fan of tote bags as much as I? You have to check this beautiful totes from Proud to Be Cat Mom, you can personalize them wit your name and your cat’s <3
  • From Proud to Be Cat Mom, I also found this pretty Poster of a mom holding her cat, that I can definetely see in my home.
  • Glasses, cups, mugs, there are never too much!!! Here some very different and pretty designs for everyone <3 A metal mug with drawings of kitty faces from Target, a small cute multipurpose cup with the legend “Wild One” from Proud to Be Cat Mom, a duo of wine glasses from Pearhead that you can find in Costa Rica from Holypets, and a personalized ceramic mug with the figure of your cat (yes!!!! with your cat on it!! how cute right?!) from a local small business called Arila Ceramica.

Hope you find this guide useful to give you some ideas of how to surprise your favorite pet parent, or why not, to give something for yourself too.

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