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December 8, 2021

Cat Holiday Gift Guide

Did you think we had forgotten about the cats? Well, we didn’t! If you are a cat parent or have a cat friend that you want to surprise this Christmas, here we have some ideas for you of what to give.

A little something for every cat

Most of the time we think more about giving something to dogs and not cats, because of the idea that they don’t like to play that much, on the contrary! they are hunters and if you have an indoor cat, entertaining him/her is something very important. As well as caring about using good food, good products made for them and interactive toys/feeders for their senses. That’s why, here we have some ideas for you, trying to cover a little bit of every aspect of their wellbeing.

  • An extended Mew bowl for their food or water from Woofymiau. Did you know that cats need extended bowls so their whiskers can sense better the smells and all the “info” they need to grab from the closest environment? yes, its like that.
  • Cats can also get bored, anxious or need to eat a bit slower, for that reason an interactive feeder like this one from Catit, can be a good idea, a fun and natural way that cats can “work: for their food.
  • On the same line of food and water as the past two ideas, we have this water fountain for cats with a led light from Catit. Very useful to keep the cats hydrated with fresg water in movement.
  • Do you practice tricks with your cat or reward him/her for something possitive? If you do, we recommend you the natura dihydrated treats from Nutrience.
  • Now, let’s talk about toys! Yes, toys; because some cats also love them. First, we have Maia’s favorite, the avocado from Petstages, which has catnip and has a mesh that helps to clean the cat’s teeth. Then we have the Frisky Furball from Petplay, for all those kitty fighters. Also, there’s the Ring Track from Petstages, a toy that will estimulate the cat mentally and physically .
  • Does your cat likes to wear thing? If it is a yes, we recommend you the bandanas from The Paws, which a dog and a cat can wear <3 Just be sure to pick the right size.

If you are in Costa Rica, you can find all these items with Woofymiau and use the code MACA to get a 10% off on your purchase.

A Christmas Box

We couldn’t end this post without mentioning our favorite Box in Costa Rica, Patitas Box! They have one for dogs and also for cats, you can ask for the Christmas box that comes wit 2 special toys and a snack.

Hope you find this guide useful to give you some ideas of how to surprise a cat with a great gift this Christmas.

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